The Anchor

10% DISCOUNT on lunchtime meals

Lunchtime Hours are 12.00 til 14.00, Monday to Friday.

The Anchor in Stanwell Moor invites all Best is Local Discount Members to take advantage of a 10% DISCOUNT on lunchtime meals, please inform staff that you are a Best is Local member when ordering and show card/app on payment.

Beer/Wine/Spirits/Soft Drinks
Pizza Menu available all week
Sunday Lunches available on Sundays
Curry Club’s planned for bi-weekly

How to be more than just a pub?

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how times have changed and what that means to the customers that we’ll be serving in the future.

We came to the conclusion that the answer is to become ‘more than just a pub’.

From our perspective, we see the need to provide a fun environment in which to share, laugh and make memories with the people most important to you.

For a full list of services please visit:

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